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Walter & Cilla:  the King and Queen of wedding taxis in Edinburgh

Taxis are becoming a popular choice when it comes to wedding transport - they are affordable and practical - and we like to think that our beautiful Fairway taxis are the cream of the crop. Turning heads wherever they go, Walter and Cilla bring their uniquely vintage style to bridal parties throughout Edinburgh and the Lothians. Choosing them as your wedding cars lets you travel in style whilst adding a touch of fun to the start of your big day. They just ooze fabulousness.

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We've Stepped Up a Gear

One Fare Day wants to be more than just a cab - we're here to help you to realise your vision of how you want your day to be.  Whether you'd like to stop for photos at a favourite spot  on the way to your ceremony,  drink champagne on your journey or use us to fulfill a special surprise for your loved one,  we will do all we can to add that special something to your day. We are at your beck and call for the time we spend with you... run your idea by us and we will help to organise it.

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Stylish vintage wedding taxis to get you to and from your ceremony.  Perfect to add the feel of yester year and a touch of fun to your transport on your big day.  

Both of our taxis had had hard working lives before being given the chance to enjoy semi-retirement as the stars of One Fare Day.  Walter had faired better than Cilla (even though he was one of the very last serving taxis of his kind to work the streets of London.....making him one of the most iconic of all) however,  after a huge amount of tlc (which   resulted in a complete face lift)  Cilla is in top notch shape and is definitely the supermodel of the taxi world. 

Now it's your turn to travel in style - whether you choose the dapper Walter in his metallic grey suit or  our queen bee,  Cilla, in her beautiful Jaguar vintage white gown,  you won't be disappointed.


The groom is all too often overlooked when it comes to getting to the church on time.  We've never really understood this and think the Groom deserves a treat on their big day too.  We welcome bookings to collect the Groom and his men and think a best man who plans this surprise really is the best of best men.


Walter and Cilla are a charming and unique alternative to traditional wedding transport.  The Fairway taxi is perhaps the most iconic of all and are rarely seen on the road these days.  We can almost guarantee the ones you do see are not up to our standards.  Every time we take these cabs out in public ,  heads turn and photos are taken.  They stand out a mile from modern cabs that work  hard every day (and night)  in life.


Imagine a wedding car that's immaculately presented,  stylish AND with doors wide enough to let you and your beautiful dress in and out with ease. We have those cars - whether you go for Walter or Cilla you will be delighted at how easy it is to remain graceful with these could-have-been-purpose-built cabs.

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Edinburgh East Lothian Scotland


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